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European Cancer Organisation

Go the Extra Mile

The European Cancer Organisation (ECCO) represents the interests of over 60,000 oncology professionals and is the only multidisciplinarity organisation connecting all stakeholders in oncology in Europe. Its Congress is the major event at which 20,000 delegates invoved in research, education, treatement and care interact.

Typically such medical congresses focus on internal communication between the delegates and not establishing awareness beyond the conference hall with the general public. This year however, ECCO decided to use ECC2015, as an opportunity to launch a creative campaign of public engagement about its work and that of its members. It also wanted the campaign to be linked to the Krebsforschungslauf, the annual Vienna run to raise money for cancer research.

Our Go the Extra Mile Campaign was seen by over 12 million people in mainstream media, had a vibrant social media presence and helped to raise over €100,000, as well as attracting the support and involvement of policians and celebrities.  Davi Kaur, Head of Congress Unit at ECCO, said, “The campaign was a huge success for us.  We are delighted that we have been able to create an impact while in Vienna as well as leave something tangible behind for our chosen local partner. The brand and platform have been gifted to the local Medical University to use in future years.”