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Nerve Tumours UK

Putting nerve tumours on the map

You’ve probably never heard of the condition, Neurofibromatosis; we hadn’t until six months ago, when we were invited by The Neuro Foundation to review their branding, communications and fundraising.

Our comprehensive review, informed by more than 50 interviews with stakeholders, led us to our strategic and creative recommendations. A new name – a far more appropriate one – is just the start.

We’ve produced a range of new materials across all channels to support those with nerve tumours (Neurofibromatosis means “nerve tumour increase”), as well as developing the fundraising story and strategy.

Over 26,000 people in the UK have nerve tumours, a condition which can be life-limiting and often results in prejudice, bullying and social deprivation. This is an extraordinarily compelling cause that deserves to be put on the map. Needless to say, we’re proud to be involved.