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The Collective
Michael Foreman
Corporate Sponsorship
Malcolm Green
Creative Director, Film Director
Lionel Salama
Deborah Taylor
Qualitative Research
Michael Isaacs
Mike Keane
Art Director
Emma Shrimsley
Michael Alloun
Robert Morris
Property Consultant
Anthony Clifton
Media Consultant
Jennifer Shea
Research and Insight Specialist
James Sherwood-Rogers
Strategic Planning
Suki Gallagher
Relationship Brokerage
Anthony Klein
Film Production
Vivienne Lewis
Coaching & Mentoring
Mike Stone
Irad Eshel
Composer and Music Producer
Galia Shilo Sum
Project Management
Tim Shaw
Financial Planning
Jude Cosway
Corporate Sponsorship
Rachel Braier
Celebrity & Influencer Consultant
Natalie Deller
Account Manager
Karen Cooper
Research and Brand Consultant
Ilana Salem
Sara Kyte
Recruitment Consultant
Tom Barker
Senior Designer
Caroline Marcus
Museum Learning Consultant