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Create compelling communications and build your education brand

There are so many channels, and so many demands on modern marketers, that creating a coherent message is incredibly challenging.

But the challenge is also an opportunity – each channel and piece of communication can build and build from the brand that you create.

And we at Hope are here to help.

We are a specialist not-for-profit brand consultancy, and have helped clients in education with everything from communications for an event to a full brand assessment and creation. We have worked very successfully with projects, departments, faculties and centres at universities and other organisations in education.

And we would be happy to help you with your own current challenge. Just contact

To give you an idea of how powerfully this can be applied, see this case study.

Case study: UCL Engineering

This is a great example of a complete end-to-end creation of a brand, which is then consistently carried through in a variety of channels for a multitude of marketing tasks. UCL Engineering has gone from strength to strength, and having such a powerful brand identity has undoubtedly provided a platform for that success.

We looked at the whole picture – its teaching and research imperatives, the changing markets it was operating in, how, study, engineering, the research environment, the commercial landscape were all changing. And what was the role for a brand at the level between that of departments and UCL as a whole.

UCL Engineering didn’t exist as a brand – it was just an administrative body for 9 departments and called the Faculty of Engineering Sciences.

We renamed it UCL Engineering and gave it an overall message that was both completely true to its character, and inspiring to all its audiences, both internal and external. That message was: Change the World. Now UCL Engineering was not just an academic administrative body – they were catalysts for people to make a lasting impact on the world.

That brand was then the platform for all the communication to follow. Here you can see just a few examples – there’s a lot more, as you’d imagine, which we’d be pleased to show you.

“Our relationship with Hope has been extremely positive. Hope helped us build a brand that chimes with our values and delivers impact. They have been instrumental in showing us how to sustain and develop the brand as an ongoing part of what we do.”
– Professor Anthony Finkelstein, Dean of UCL Engineering, 2010-15

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Whether you’re looking for a full-scale branding exercise, or just a particular communications task, we provide the creative, technical and strategic skills to help you get the results you want.

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