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The Idea Lab: Coronavirus Edition
The Idea Lab: Coronavirus Edition

Coronavirus has changed all our lives – how do you change your communications in response? That is a question that charities and good causes have had to address, like everyone else.

Here we see examples both of those giving pandemic-related messages, and of those trying to get attention for their own cause despite it. 



Ministry of Health Bahrain: The Joy of Eid

In the West, we are pre-occupied with Christmas, and what that will mean for family get-togethers. But earlier in the year, those same issues were raised around the Muslim festival of Eid. There’s real empathy, and a wonderfully creative idea, in this Public Service Announcement from Bahrain’s Ministry of Health.



Extinction Rebellion UK: How Normal Was Normal?

The climate emergency was right at the front of public consciousness until it was over-whelmed as an issue, like everything else, by the pandemic. In this film, Extinction Rebellion cleverly acknowledges the pandemic by implication, while at the same time re-establishing the primacy (as they see it) of their issue.



Egale Canada: Coming Out

Egale Canada, an LGBT advocacy organisation, uses the general miserableness of lockdown as a counterpoint to the particular pain that can be felt by their community. It handles the tone deftly to create a persuasive piece.



New Zealand Police: Stay Home

The New Zealand Police, in collaboration with comedy duo Wellington Paranormal, escape the trap of worthiness in a series of brilliantly hilarious films. You already know the messages – in this case, keep 2 metres away – but here it is so much more palatable, engaging and memorable.



Laura Hyde Foundation: No Mask For Mental Health

The brutality of Covid for people with mental health issues, and their families, is matched by the brute simplicity of this ad. Very powerful.


The Idea Lab examines what makes effective (or ineffective) communications in the fields of causes, charities and socially-oriented businesses.

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