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The Ideas Lab: LGBTQ+
The Ideas Lab: LGBTQ+

In Pride month, a look at how different strands of LGBTQ+ advocacy have been expressed around the world.

From soft pleas for tolerance and empathy to angry confronting of attitudes, from messages to the LGBTQ+ community to those aimed at their families and at the straight community, from top-of-the-line film production to use of a single webcam. All are covered here. What they have in common is outstanding creativity.

Love Doesn’t Hurt Anyone

An independently-made film that plays around with what we find shocking. A very smart and persuasive idea.

Mind: Alice’s Story

On the face of it, this is not at all creative: one person talking to a webcam. So why are we including it? Alice’s sheer honesty, openness and eloquence about their mental health journey as a queer and autistic person is astonishingly compelling.

PFLAG Canada: Nobody’s Memories

Another very smart idea – poignant, and incredibly persuasive.

Amnesty International: Gay Turtle

A brilliantly clever prank with a horribly serious undertone, exposing everyday anti-gay prejudice in Turkey.

ANZ Bank: Hold Tight

An Australia/New Zealand film that goes to the heart of some same-sex couples’ hesitancy, with the encouragement to ‘hold tight’.

Oreo: Proud Parent

With the sort of production values only a big corporate can afford, this film from Oreo (made in collaboration with PFLAG), has wonderfully subtle performances, and is very moving.


The Ideas Lab examines what makes effective (or ineffective) communications in the fields of causes, charities and socially-oriented businesses.

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