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Thanks for the memories
Thanks for the memories

The procedure required an anaesthetic, William had a reaction to it, but the dentist didn’t notice because of William’s dark glasses.


William recovered fully physically, but he was left with a permanent memory disorder.

He can remember events that happened until that day in 2005, but anything that happens afterwards he forgets within 90 minutes.

Every morning he wakes up in his mother’s house, wondering why he isn’t living in army barracks, which he was in 2005.

His wife gives him a document that explains to him about his condition.

If his memory is refreshed within the 90 minutes he gets a further 90-minute period of awareness.

Memory is a precious thing. Who we are and everything we do is defined by what we’ve learned and what we’ve done.

The relationship your brand has with each member of your audiences is also the sum of everything that has gone before.

You can just allow that to be a series of haphazard experiences, or it can be a curated journey.

And that applies to all the relationships that are important to you – from trustees to donors to customers.

At Hope, we are a brand consultancy specialising in helping not-for-profits build and sustain those relationships, and thus their brands.

That’s why we have at our disposal in our Hope Collective an array of talents from experts in communications disciplines such as advertising and branding, to those in a diverse spectrum from change management to financial planning to recruitment

Our collective brain can come up with a complete solution to your most pressing challenges.

How does this all work in practice?

We’d be delighted to explain all – why not come and visit us on our boat in Paddington Basin.

Thanks for the memories

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