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The alien in your microwave
The alien in your microwave

Did you ever see the film, The Dish?

It starred Sam Neill and was based on a true story of an Australian observatory trying haplessly to be a receiving station during the Apollo 11 moon landing.




Well, this is another true story about the same observatory, the Parkes Observatory in rural Australia.

For 17 years, scientists at Parkes were baffled by strange radio signals known as perytons.

They would come in three short bursts, and they didn’t match any previously identified source.

Were they from aliens perhaps?

Even more oddly, these aliens seemed to restrict their activities to standard business hours – no evenings or weekends.

In May this year, the mystery was unmasked.

They finally worked out that when workers at Parkes opened the facility’s kitchen microwave while it was in use, it would emit the perytons.

When you have a problem, you need to see the whole picture. You need to look beyond the first answer.

At Hope, we specialise in helping not-for-profits see, and shape, the whole picture about their brands.

As a brand consultancy specifically for not-for-profits, we help discover, diagnose, direct and deliver (our 4 Ds) the changes that not-for-profit brands need to make.

Frequently they have a communication element at their heart, but often that is only a part of the solution, and sometimes, none of it.

That is why we have in our Hope Collective people from disciplines as diverse as change management, film-making, financial planning and recruitment.

We add their voices, their insights and their expertise to come up with answers that will dramatically move you forward to your goal.

Want to find out a bit more about how this works, and what it could do for you?

Come and visit us on our boat in Paddington Basin, and we’ll reveal all.

The alien in your microwave

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