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Fake news

How the Rohingya Escaped

They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and though this has been used countless times in the past this really is the case with this photojournalism article for The New York Times website. I am a keen hobbyist photographer and so have an interest in this particular medium and I’m always amazed how an image can stir such a huge range of emotions…

The article documents the fleeing of the Rohingya Muslims from their homeland in Myanmar from the government’s military forces. Although there are statistics and videos in the article it’s the photos which really show the full horror of what the Rohingya have faced as they travelled from their burnt villages to refugee camps in the relative safety of Bangladesh.

One particular slide shows desperate children waiting for supplies to be handed out with the caption, “…this sprawling camp in Bangladesh is where hundreds of thousands of Rohingya wait in limbo for their fates to be decided by countries that want nothing more than to be rid of them.”

It seems the above statement is true of all refugees whether they’re travelling across the Mediterranean or waiting to get into the UK from Calais – they’re all stuck in countries that don’t want them and wish they were someone else’s problem…

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