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Think big

The Audacious Project

In America, they do everything big: food, cars and now, philanthropic funding for social change.
An initiative of the inspirational TED brand, The Audacious Project was launched by Chris Anderson last year. As he said, “there is no inherent reason why non-profit initiatives can’t generate change at massive scale. They may not be able to self-fund through their own profits, yet there are still multiple ways they can tap into the power of the global economy, the support of the government, or the reach of the Internet. The barrier is fundraising.”

The Audacious Project aims to remove this hurdle in a big way for those projects poised to create social change at a thrilling scale. Some $441m has already been pledged by the likes of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, UBS Optimus Foundation and Skoll Foundation.

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