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Sue Harris Trust – a very personal project

Sue Harris was a close friend of Hope partners, Lionel and Michael. She died 20 years ago of leukaemia. The campaign that began in the (unsuccessful) quest to find her a matching bone marrow donor continues to this day, and has helped recruit thousands of people to become potential donors of bone marrow or stem cells, and save lives. We are proud to have worked on the new brand identity and website for this amazing and very personal cause.

People can make a personal, potentially huge difference, and they can make it possible right now. We wanted to play with the contrast of the simplicity and banality of the immediate step you need to take – a simple swab of the mouth – and the enormity of the difference you could make.

We were intent on creating a hopeful and positive mood to the site – to be about saving lives, not losing them. The tone of voice is deliberately light and playful, and the identity, the design and the copy all reflect that.

Visit the website here.

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