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Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust

Buy Addenbrooke's a robot

Addenbrooke’s is one of the country’s leading hospitals for both advanced treatments and research. Their charitable arm, Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust, commissioned us to create the communications and branding for their campaign to buy a new robot for robot-assisted surgery.

This makes surgery much less invasive, leading to fewer complications and much faster recovery times.

We created all the creative materials for the campaign, and it has been outstandingly successful – raising money faster than any of their previous fundraising campaigns.

We’re thrilled that the campaign won the Best NHS Charity Campaign Award in the NHS Communicate Awards 2022. The citation reads:

‘Buy Addenbrooke’s a Robot’ was a very well planned and executed campaign with a clear strategy and objectives, to raise £1.5 million for a surgical robot to help patients get home within days rather than weeks after major surgery. Judges felt the campaign used a creative approach, with a strong proposition and emotive stories from staff and patients to help engage support. The campaign had a striking design and consistent look and feel, which was successfully applied across radio, digital, direct mail, and national advertising. It also effectively used different fundraising products to engage segmented audiences. The results speak for themselves, with the campaign achieving against target despite the challenging external fundraising environment.