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Crisis – Icebreaker

Breaking the ice

The pandemic has dealt a crushing blow to the income charities normally receive from challenge events. Virtual events of various types have had to be the substitutes, and the task then is to generate the same sense of excitement and collective endeavour as the ‘real’ versions.

A mainstay for Crisis has been their January Icebreaker (cold-weather swimming) challenge. We worked with them to dramatise an individualised (and therefore Covid-safe) version of the challenge, which also used the constraints of lockdown to broaden the way you can participate eg take a cold shower.

We refreshed the branding for the event, and created the full range of assets – both static and animated, and across all the major social media platforms. You can see a selection on this page below. The event has so far been able to generate plenty of buzz, and is proving to be a very successful fundraiser.