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Dualities Exhibition

Hardship presents several faces. There are the visages puckered by poverty
and life’s stress fractures. And there are the eyes, absent of hope. But hardship
is also a galvaniser of resilience, of aspiration and of striving for a better life.
The latter interpretation permeates Dualities: Women’s Empowerment in Africa. Commissioned by One to One, curated by Susan Ansley Johnson, and featuring Undiscovered Canvas, Dualities provides a curated environment and more than a conventional exhibition experience. It is a multifocal, immersive trajectory, navigating the viewer into mindscapes and landscapes that are as layered as they are alluring, and more complex than conveyed through their surface seductiveness.

“Dualities is about women confronting challenges, be they health, environmental or socioeconomic,” explains Ansley Johnson. “It is not simply a pictorial display of survival. All the women represented evoke a sense of agency to succeed, to take control. They are truly stories of women’s empowerment.”