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Putting homelessness on the election agenda

In the run-up to the 2019 General Election, a number of major homelessness charities – including Crisis, Shelter, Centrepoint and St Mungo’s – got together for a joint campaign to raise the salience of the issue at the election.

We were commissioned to create the identity of the campaign and all the assets and collateral. An interesting challenge was the use of colour, as it had to avoid any association with one particular charity, or one particular political party. It was also important to get the visual tone right, one that was appropriate for the urgency of the issue. 

These materials were then used by each of the partners through their own channels, and helped force homelessness onto the agenda during the election: all the major parties felt the need to bolster their credentials on the issue in their manifestos and campaign statements.

The challenge of course for all the charities is maintaining the pressure on the Government to meet its commitments, and indeed to go further and End Homelessness Now (#EndHomelessnessNow).