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European Cancer Organisation

Go the Extra Mile

Large conferences typically arrive in a city, have their conference and then leave again, making an undoubted economic impact but otherwise leaving little trace of their visit.

The European Cancer Organisation (ECCO), which holds an annual conference each year for 20,000 cancer professionals, wanted to change this story. It sought a way to engage with the delegates beyond the conference sessions, as well as having an impact for good in the host city – in this case, Vienna.

We advised them to partner with the local community to promote awareness of living a healthier (cancer preventing) lifestyle. We also noticed that there was an annual cancer fundraising run close to the conference date, and persuaded the organisers to move it a week earlier to coincide with the conference. We then created a highly creative campaign to get the attention and involvement of both delegates and the local community.


We also designed and built a standalone website with its own fundraising platform. With this backdrop, the initiative obtained widespread media coverage with local politicians attending, and, importantly, helped to raise over €100,000. Our Go the Extra Mile Campaign was seen by over 12 million people in mainstream media

Davi Kaur, Head of Congress Unit at ECCO, said:

“The campaign was a huge success for us. We are delighted that we have been able to create an impact while in Vienna as well as leave something tangible behind for our chosen local partner.

The brand and platform have been gifted to the local Medical University to use in future years.”