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Empowering Independence

Empowering Independence

Langdon is a charity which empowers people with learning disabilities to live as independently as possible. Langdon’s major fundraising event in the year is its Annual Dinner, and we wanted this spirit of Langdon’s work to be part and parcel of how the Dinner was created and presented.

A central feature of the Dinner is the Appeal film. The conventional way to make such a film, of course, is to point the camera at the subjects of the film (ie the people with learning disabilities supported by Langdon, who they call Members). We wanted to turn this around, putting the cameras in the Members’ hands as vloggers.

The resulting film, which you can see above, was made by three Members – Robert Bluestone, Elisa Leigh and Marc Butcher – and gives a very personal window on their daily lives and achievements.

Not only did Langdon Members make the Appeal film, but they were involved in all aspects of the Dinner, from the invitations which featured a photograph and personal message from a Member, to a tasting session with the caterer where the menu was decided, to a session on our boat, putting the final touches to the Dinner brochure.