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Nerve Tumours UK

26,000 people who needed more than a new logo

You’ve probably never heard of the condition, Neurofibromatosis; we hadn’t before we were invited by The Neuro Foundation to review their branding, communications and fundraising.

Our approach to branding or re-branding is not to immediately head for the drawing board, or the keyboard, and start coming up with a new name or logo. We want to dig really deep into what the organisation is, what it could be, what is holding it back, and what could propel it forward.

As outsiders, we have a natural advantage: we don’t carry the baggage that insiders may have accumulated. Yet, those insiders – the stakeholders – have a huge amount of wisdom and insight. Our Discovery process brings fresh eyes, finding hidden strengths as well as being clear-eyed about weaknesses.

In the case of The Neuro Foundation, we interviewed more than 50 stakeholders. This led us to our strategic and creative recommendations. A new name – Nerve Tumours UK – was just the start.

Our findings provided the platform for the creative brief, which led to new communications and fundraising materials across all channels – you can see a sample below. Our aim was to re-energise the nerve tumours community, as well as raise awareness about, and understanding, with people like the media, politicians and government policy makers.

We also wanted to help create a new, more engaged relationship with donors and potential donors. To that end, we drew up a new fundraising strategy, which we continue to develop with the charity.

Over 26,000 people in the UK have nerve tumours, a condition which can be life-limiting and often results in prejudice, bullying and social deprivation. This is an extraordinarily compelling cause that deserves to be put on the map. Needless to say, we’re proud to be involved.