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One to One Children’s Fund

One to One Children’s Fund is an extraordinary charity, with its achievements including pioneering anti-retroviral treatment for HIV in South Africa. Today, it is still leading the way with its peer-to-peer community health model.

We have worked with the charity for many years, helping it tell its amazing story. Below are some examples of recent work.

Going the extra mile

The Omicron variant highlighted to the world the vulnerability of the South African population to Covid-19, and that is even more the case in the most remote communities. Beyond the tar roads (the tarmacked roads), there are no resources, no services, no development, no employment, just about nothing. One to One Children’s Fund serves such Last Mile communities. We made the film above to bring this work to life.

To raise the funds these communities so urgently need, the charity launched its Triple-It Appeal, which we conceived and helped organise. We were delighted that it exceeded its £200,000 target, raising an amazing £256,000. This was then available both for the most urgent immediate needs, as well as the longer-term work in the field.

2020 Year in Review - A year like no other

One to One Children’s Fund’s Annual Review is titled A Year Like No Other, referring of course to the pandemic. Paradoxically, it has been the year when the charity has made even greater impact, as its model of community-based peer supporters (called Mentor Mothers) meant that they were highly trusted by people in these communities, as well as being physically close by. We tell this and other stories of the charity’s adaptation to these very unusual circumstances in this Review.

This was a good example that print still has a place in a marketing arsenal. (It is roughly the size of the Guardian’s Berliner format.) While it is also available as a PDF and as an online flipbook, supporters of One to One received it in the post, with a personalised letter.

More Hills to Climb

One to One Children’s Fund started its own extraordinary journey in South Africa 15 years ago, where it was among the first organisations to provide life-saving drugs to children born with HIV. The pilot programmes it supported led to initiatives across Africa, saving hundreds of thousands of lives. Not satisfied with that, One to One Children’s Fund has also provided psychotrauma counselling to 10,000 children in war-torn Kosovo, and thousands of children across the divides in the Middle East, as well as many other initiatives around the world, and in the UK.

Having been associated with the charity since its formation, we have been delighted to help such a great cause tell its story. This included designing a book to mark its 15th Anniversary, More Hills to Climb. Far from resting on its laurels, One to One Children’s Fund is intent on expanding its work to reach even more children facing disease, trauma and disability. It has many more hills to climb.

Life-saving support in a crisis

As the coronavirus swept across South Africa, and was heading towards One to One Children’s Fund’s area of operations in the Eastern Cape, the charity knew it had to act fast. We helped them launch an emergency appeal to their supporters, raising urgent funds for PPE and transportation so they could support their vulnerable, immuno-compromised clients.

This has now developed into providing emergency food supplies for people who have fallen through holes in South Africa’s welfare safety net.

We also helped them maintain their engagement with their supporters, helping to create and promote a series of high-profile Thought Leadership online events. And with their major fundraising event, their annual Stardust Ball, having been cancelled, we worked with them to create a re-imagined online version.