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Escaping being crushed by paper

Paperweight is a remarkable charity. It helps vulnerable people in the Jewish community cope with administrative, legal, financial and benefits issues, which can be crushing.

Paperweight helps clients deal with bureaucracies ranging from utility companies to the courts, and act as advocates and guides.

Its problem is that not enough people know about what it does. But paradoxically, if more people did, they would struggle to handle the increased demand on their services.

So, our approach was to address both problems. We carried out to a complete re-brand with a new identity, website, collateral materials and advertising. We focused on true, individual stories, using a distinctive illustrative style.


Alongside this, we are working with Paperweight’s team strategically on their fundraising approach, and this has already generated much new revenue. They are now in a position to roll out a new advertising campaign, as well as build a stronger administrative infrastructure.