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Do good, better.
What lights your fire?
You have a passion to change the world – to make lives better. And that ignites the unquenchable fire that refuses to accept the status quo, no matter the obstacles.
Making the connection
Your cause is at the centre of what you do – it’s time to find the most compelling ways to share this excitement with others, bringing it to life in their hearts and minds too.
Leading a crowd
You take your passion, you craft a powerful, resonant story; now you need to take that message and shout it from the rooftops. And turn your band of followers into an army.
The power of possibility
Revolutions always begin with hope – you share with Victor Hugo the belief that nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.
Change the world through the power of your brand
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Hope is a brand consultancy for organisations who make a social impact. This includes charities, public bodies, educational and arts organisations and businesses who aim to make a social contribution as well as a profit.

We are an unusual hybrid of strategic consultancy and creative agency. We help organisations answer these two questions: What is our story? How do we tell that story most compellingly?


Through our insight and creativity, we have helped numerous organisations across the sector to engage and nurture their audiences, and get outstanding results – including helping them raise more than £400 million.

We help our clients do good, better. Just imagine how far your brand could go.

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