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Lionel Salama

Lionel was first exposed to the world of fundraising forty years ago when he organised a film show that raised £50. In a career now spanning over twenty-five years, his favourite project has been the Sue Harris Bone Marrow Campaign, which sadly failed to achieve its primary objective. It didn’t find a donor for Sue – a close friend – but it did increase the number of Jewish donors on the Anthony Nolan register from 48 to over 15,000. It’s also gone on to help other ethnic campaigns around the world, influence health policy and fund a successful clinical trial in the UK.


Inquisitive, challenging and resolutely passionate about increasing the opportunities for giving, Lionel is still searching for the moonshot idea that could help to transform the world of not-for-profits. Married to Natalie who runs a business producing food – his other passion in life, he feels blessed to have two children who have so far managed to stay relatively sane around him.