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HMD creative concept 2017:
Expression of Interest

Case study visuals
This page complements the Expression of Interest questionnaire, question 3.6.

Wiener Library Annual Reviews

We thought it appropriate to give you an example from the field of Holocaust education. As with HMDT, the Library has the challenge of making its message relevant to a modern day audience, and to universalise beyond the Jewish experience.

The Annual Report used to be a very dry document, seen as a statutory requirement. We saw the opportunity for Wiener to better tell its story to its stakeholders. We have created a series of Annual Reviews, each of which derive from the depth of the Library’s resources. They dramatise the importance and relevance of being informed about the Holocaust for a modern-day audience, and the Library’s role in achieving this.

The impact has been to re-energise the Library’s connection to its stakeholders, and raise tens of thousands of pounds as well. In particular, it has been very successful at re-engaging with donors who had been dormant for some time.

Go the Extra Mile
ECCO (European Cancer Organisation)

This is an example where we conceived a strong central idea, which we then brought to life in multiple channels.

ECCO holds a biennial conference for 20,000 professionals, last year in Vienna. Our task was to engage both conference attendees, and the Vienna public.

We had the core idea of “Go the Extra Mile” bridging the theme of cancer professionals going the extra mile for their patients, as well as tying in with a sponsored fun run for local cancer charities in the city that weekend.

We placed giant inflatable shoes at sites in the city and at the conference, where information about the conference and the run were distributed. We also created a running track at the conference venue. This generated mainstream and social media coverage estimated at 12 million impressions, and helped to raise over €100,000.

We also created a micro-site giving information about healthy lifestyle choices to reduce cancer risk. We designed and built a fundraising platform into the website, to allow runners to raise funds directly.