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The Ideas Lab: War in Ukraine
The Ideas Lab: War in Ukraine

Propaganda has long been seen as a crucial weapon of war to convince your side of the rightness of your cause and its ultimate success, or to demoralise the enemy, or to gather support from non-combatants. How have Ukrainian agencies met the challenge?

Bickerstaff: To Russian Mothers

One of two entries here from Bickerstaff, a Ukrainian general advertising agency which turned its skills towards the war effort. Here it addresses the Russian people directly.

Torrents of Truth

As Russia was hit by sanctions, one way it tried to hit back was by encouraging illegal downloads of films and music. It was also illegal to report independently on the war in Russia. Torrents of Truth ingeniously hit on a way of using these two facets of an outlaw state against it.

Bickerstaff: Subverting Russian holiday search

Another ingenious way of getting information about the war to Russian audiences.

Senate Agency: 672 Hours – A Month of War

A very effective depiction, with minimal production values, of what everyday life has become for Ukrainians who suddenly find themselves at war.

Aid Legion: Casual War

There is an inevitable waning of interest around the world, as the war runs into months. This ad for a Ukrainian charity looking for international support cleverly deals with this directly.


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