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What do you see?
What do you see?

On her YouTube channel, beauty blogger Em Ford created a video, You Look Disgusting.

In it she showed herself without make-up, exposing her acne. Then she covered herself up with make-up, transforming herself into a conventionally-beautiful woman. Then she took the make-up off.

The images at each stage are surrounded by some of the more than 100,000 comments made about her face on social media.

Comments like “Her face is so ugly”.

The message of the video is not an original one – don’t submit to conventional views of beauty. Don’t do yourself down. See yourself as the beautiful person you are.

But it is said an unusually powerful way. Sometimes it’s hard to look past the obvious.

We are all prisoners of our prejudices. We have countless beliefs and preconceptions that we never revisit or challenge.

That’s true of our organisational lives as well. It’s particularly hard when you’re within a situation to see the wood for the trees. Even as outsiders, we’re not immune to the limitations of our own experiences.

That’s why at Hope, a brand consultancy specialising in helping not-for-profits, we bring the widest collection of expertise to bear on building and developing brands, with our Hope Collective.

The talented people involved range from experts in communications disciplines such as advertising and branding, to those in a diverse spectrum from change management to financial planning to recruitment.

To see the solution, you first need to see the real problem – we can help you see both more clearly.

To find out more about Hope, how we work, and how that might be valuable to you, why not pay us a visit at our boat in Paddington Basin?

What do you see?

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