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How we refreshed legacy marketing with a simple Promise

There is a certain expectation about legacy marketing – it tends to be very staid.

The Promise was a distinctive sub-brand we developed for one of the Jewish community’s largest charities, UJIA.

By creating a brand, a distinctive look and slightly off-beat approach in short videos we created, we moved legacy giving for the charity from a touchy, uncomfortable area to one you could enjoy being part of.

It was built around an important psychological trigger, social proof, creating the mood that all your peers are part of this, and you should be too. The Promise makes leaving a legacy to UJIA normal.

If you are engaged in legacy marketing, a refreshed approach could be something you’re interested in.

At Hope, we specialise in helping not-for-profit brands create a compelling story all the way through their audience’s journey.

That can be strategic, creative, technical or most powerfully, a combination of all. It can be a full brand audit and relaunch to an Annual Review or new website.

If you would like to fulfil your organisation’s own promise, why not get in touch or come and see us on our boat in Paddington Basin?

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Whether you’re looking for a full-scale branding exercise, or just a particular communications task, we provide the creative, technical and strategic skills to help you get the results you want.

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