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The late Dame Tessa Jowell given standing ovation after emotional Lords speech

How often does a medical condition need better funding but lacks awareness? If only there was a politician who understood intimately the struggle of those in need and could help put the issue on the national agenda.

In thirty years, survival rates for brain cancer have only moved a few percentage points. With so many cancers, perhaps it’s understandable that some don’t get the profile they need. Last year, thanks to Dame Tessa Jowell, brain cancer finally got the spotlight it deserves.

It’s an incredible challenge for any patient to go public about their condition. Coping with the illness and the side-effects of treatment are surely more than enough. So much has rightly been written about Dame Tessa’s courage. In her case, going public radically changed the treatment approach for all cancer patients with the accelerated use of adaptive trials. And the government doubled the funding for brain cancer. It is an enormous legacy that will help save many lives. If you didn’t see her speech in Parliament, watch it here. And if you did, watch it again and be inspired to never give up on doing good.

You can watch the speech above.


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