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Antenatal Results & Choices

Antenatal Results & Choices – We're here to help

Pregnancy isn’t always predictable. Every year over 20,000 expectant parents will get the news that their baby may not be developing as expected.

Where do they turn?

Antenatal Results & Choices is there to support parents as they consider what decision to make, and to continue that support after they have made their decision.


And what about the clinician who has to give this news? ARC is there for them too, with support forums and professional training.

We were asked to update the charity’s branding, looking at their identity, website, social media and print collateral. The challenge was to balance a sense of openness and approachability, with that of expertise and authority. We also had to be very aware of the great sensitivities this area holds. You can see a sample of the results here.