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Luton Rising

Our Airport. Our Community. Our Planet.

London Luton Airport is owned wholly by the community through a company, London Luton Airport Ltd (LLAL), whose sole shareholder is Luton Council. The airport is operated by a separate company, London Luton Airport (Operator) Ltd under a concession agreement. This is obviously very confusing.

We were approached by LLAL to take a look at how they communicate. One of our first recommendations was the need for a new brand, firstly to deal with the obvious confusion between two similarly-named organisations, but also because the brand itself – a very corporate name – didn’t reflect its true role at the heart of the community. It is also more than an airport – with business parks, the new Luton DART shuttle and many more initiatives on the horizon.

We recommended a new name – Luton Rising – and a new strapline – Our airport. Our community. Our planet. – reflecting its community ethos, as well as its far-reaching environmental commitments.

We have created the logo and visual language, and applied that across all their communications channels. The new website we have designed and built for them sets out what makes Luton Rising different, its values and its vision. We are now working with Luton Rising on communications for its public consultation about its proposed expansion.

"Airports need to think wholly differently about how they go about their business. The criticisms over the environmental harm they cause – principally carbon emissions, noise, loss of air quality and traffic – are not irritants to be waved away, or massaged with warm words and unrealistic aspirations. They reflect the unpleasant reality of a busy airport." Graham Olver, CEO, Luton Rising