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Jump in 100%

MyIsrael is a small, quirky UK charity supporting small, quirky Israeli charities. It seeks out great causes that are not on the radar of the UK Jewish community. However, the charity has struggled to gain traction, faced with a plethora of much larger and more established Israeli charities with a UK fundraising arm. 

Enter Hope. Our challenge, not untypically, was to help MyIsrael punch above its weight, to gain awareness and raise more money by achieving a greater share of mind in the UK Jewish community. We looked at what was special about them and distilled that into three words: Jump in 100%. This builds on their model of 100% of funds donated reaching the end charity (MyIsrael’s costs are covered by separate fundraising from larger donors for that purpose) and gives a sense of the energy and connection that a small donor feels when giving through MyIsrael.

We did a complete rebranding, with a new identity, website, and the full suite of online and offline materials. Operating within very tight budgets, we also created a series of stylish films, Filmed by Basti Hansen, which told the stories of some of their portfolio of charities. We helped MyIsrael make an impression out of all proportion to its actual size. 

In parallel with this ‘front-of-house’ work, we developed the fundraising message to major donors and helped make approaches to this key audience.