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The Wiener Library

How to have a less boring Annual Review

Our mantra is ‘don’t be worthy’ i.e. don’t fall into the trap so many good causes do that the undoubted goodness of their cause is enough to demand people’s attention. And they produce somewhat dull, earnest, ‘worthy’ communications that, frankly, bore people not into submission, but indifference.

We believe even the most sensitive, and justifiably worthy of subjects can be made engaging and interesting. And there are few more sensitive subjects than the Holocaust. Yet this was a challenge we didn’t duck as brand consultants for one of our clients, the Wiener Library.

The is an unparalleled resource in the UK for research on the Holocaust and other modern-day genocides. We saw the requirement to produce an Annual Report as an opportunity to tell their story – about the richness of the material they hold, and its importance in preserving and educating about the Holocaust.

Each year, we have created compelling documents which have not only been hailed by their audience, but also received the most sincere compliments of all – in the form of significant funds raised directly from it. Most gratifyingly, the Library has seen some long-dormant donors reactivated.