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UCL Engineering

How a disparate university faculty became a powerful brand

The Faculty of Engineering Sciences at UCL was just an administrative unit for the 9 departments that formed it. We were asked to turn it into a brand.  After talking to people in each of the departments, we were able to tease out consistent themes which distilled into three words: Change the World.

This is the essence of what engineering at UCL is: the practical application of science to make a difference in the real world. With this message we had the foundation on which all the communications could be built.

We renamed the faculty to UCL Engineering, developed a new logo, and created a coherent visual look and tone of voice to ensure a cumulative effect. All this has built a powerful brand from scratch, helping recruitment of staff and students, raising morale internally, and building awareness with research bodies and industry.

UCL Engineering has commissioned Hype! and Klein & Son to produce 5 short films to highlight how they ‘Change the World’.