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Joining the dots

Many people are confused by what learning disabilities are. They don’t understand the nature and scope of learning disabilities, and tend to view people who they do recognise as having learning disabilities solely through that prism.

Langdon is a charity that supports people in the Jewish community with learning disabilities. Learning disabilities have been somewhat marginalised as an issue, and since Langdon was entering its 25th Anniversary year, we thought this was an important opportunity to raise the salience of both the issue and the charity.

We recommended they commission research by the Institute of Jewish Policy Research (JPR) to make a credible estimate of the scale of the issue in the Jewish community. This revealed a total estimated figure of 23,171, much higher than most people would have guessed.

We created a year-long campaign which set out to engage the community to understand learning disabilities, the people who have them and Langdon’s work in empowering them to independence.

Using the device of the dot-to-dot picture, we dramatised the sketchy nature of most people’s understanding, and encouraged them to look more deeply. We expressed this in a number of different channels – press advertising, videos, a print magazine, website, emails and social media.

We also created a highly innovative device to promote their 25th Anniversary Dinner – a mailer which when opened plays a short video. This garnered enormous attention and generated a lot of acceptances for the event. And on the night itself, we’re pleased to say that it raised 34% than the previous year.

We then built on this campaign after the Anniversary Year, bringing the Members themselves even more to the forefront in a campaign that they not only featured in, but helped to create. You can read the full story here. Not only were able to repeat the success of the anniversary year, but take another leap forward in financial terms, achieving an accumulated growth over the two years of 62%.

What these campaigns show, is that integrating your message across channels, with a highly creative treatment, doesn’t just draw attention, but raises real money.